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When most people hear audiobooks its almost screams; how do I replace my cool playlist with boring books in audio, where, how & for how long will I be able to download audiobooks, can I afford audiobook subscriptions if I even find any?!

Audiobook: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

All I can say is unless you try, you will never know. Audiobooks have this elusive power to transform the very nature of our reading culture and perceptions.

I say the elusive power of audiobooks because even though some or most of us preach how much we love audiobooks, we either have no access to them or…

Known to many as Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA is that one tool we all need to implement into our daily routine workflow but often put off because its either a lot of work or we don’t want to face the reality of our flawed workflows.

If you watched the 2020 NBA games that were played in the Orlando Bubble then you are probably rolling your eyes. And I would agree with you except there is a way both traditional basketball & sports science can marry without compromising any one of the two.

Image source: Google search

The Houston Rockets who as I speak were booted out in the second round of the western conference finals long after trading their starting big Clint Capela were one of the teams that fully embraced sports science, other teams like the Philadelphia 76ers behind enthusiastic data scientist & former basketball player Ivana Seric

It's not surprising to hear locals in African countries say, “The gods are angry, a sacrifice of this nature & proportion needs to be made to appease the Gods or else we will continue suffering.” Climate change, diseases, poverty among other calamities are found to often be blamed on the gods not being pleased. And so was the Chwezi whose own calamities started shortly after the death of their darling cow called Bihogo.

Chwezi, commonly known among historians as “The Bachwezi” are believed to have reigned sometime leading up to 1500AD, at a place called Bigo bya Mugenyi in Uganda…

As an IT Engineer, specializing in a particular technical discipline has been a challenge like it is for many practitioner in the IT industry given the current job market. Coming out of university with a systems admin intense technical background back then, every job I’ve taken on there on has exposed me to different roles and duties which in this day and era is almost very good on paper for any professional looking to blossom their portfolio. So to say anyways!

As a junior developer, it never gets any easier. In fact it goes way down hill before it gets…

why not normalize Kaizen post COVID-19, i ask?! And the answer is why not! Indulge me for a moment if you may becuase this really a no brainer, besides its not like Kaizen hasn’t been around.

At this point, I really don’t think COVID-19 needs any explanations considering a simple “novel corona pandemic” google search returned “About 645,000,000 results (0.75 seconds)”. When I searched COVID-19 alone, it returned “About 4,800,000,000 results (0.74 seconds)”.

Therefore in light of that i will make an informed guess that people are actually more informed about the Novel Corona disease, in general than a lot…


I never really envisioned myself becoming a programmer coming out of the university so it's not a surprise that when I finally decided to try out working a full-time job as a Developer I faced a lot of challenges both personal and on job. I was always more of a systems admin and a lot of other things IT to say the very least.

I decided to apply for a job as an Android developer even when I knew I was ill-equipped for it simply because I really wanted a change in career, I didn’t have a full-time paying job…

Anyone can surely design but not everyone can be a designer for the way of aesthetics does truly elude even the best of us. Similarly anyone can draw or appreciate art but being a true artist is but something of an aesthetic wonder.

Art creates questions, Design creates answers.” — Jesse Weavers.

According to Jesse Weaver’s article; what is your design philosophy? Published on Dec 21, 2015, He makes it clear;

Design is a creative process intended to solve a problem, to fill a need for the people that will ultimately interact with it. …


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