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The 10 commandments of Egoless programming is a must-read piece for all developers, Software Engineer, IT Project Managers, Tech Leads and as a Tech Engineer who took on a full-time Mobile Application Developer and at the time of publishing this articles working as a software Projects Implementation consultants, I couldn’t…

If you watched the 2020 NBA games that were played in the Orlando Bubble then you are probably rolling your eyes. And I would agree with you except there is a way both traditional basketball & sports science can marry without compromising any one of the two.

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The Houston Rockets

It's not surprising to hear locals in African countries say, “The gods are angry, a sacrifice of this nature & proportion needs to be made to appease the Gods or else we will continue suffering.” Climate change, diseases, poverty among other calamities are found to often be blamed on the…


EQuAniMiTY is my superPoweR!!! • — €| Tech Engineer | Bibliophile |•

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