Book Review: Intellectual Property by James Wasula.

Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries.

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Intellectual Property by James Wasula book cover


Growing up, I wanted to do law after losing interest in the military but as time went on, I ended up pursuing Information Technology.

Nonetheless, I’ve reminded enthusiastic about the law, currently interested in Business Law, Technology Policy, and Intellectual Property Law related reading materials for which I’ve now chosen to curate and have in my possession books; -

and intend to purchase a few more books in that line.


Since I’m not sharing any explicitly new Intellectual Property information but rather giving a review of a book I enjoyed, and making some recommendations, some definitions and examples will be copied directly from the WIPO Portal & Uganda Registrations Services Bureau (Uganda) for reference purposes.

Please make use of the relevant links therein to explore more on the various subject matters where necessary.

The Book

Title: Intellectual Property: Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries.

Author: James Wasula

Publication Date: August 27th, 2021

Publisher: James Wasula

Book Summary: This book introduces the reader to Intellectual Property, with specific reference to Business Names, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Copyright and Related Rights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, and Utility Models and their usefulness as a Business tool, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises in developing economies.


I discovered this book sometime after I started reading about Intellectual Property Management. At the time my only source was the WIPO Portal.

Although the portal is well stocked with Intellectual Property Information, I was more focused on understanding how Intellectual Property is managed in Africa, East Africa, and more specifically Uganda.

The book is meant to introduce its readers, mostly entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the Intellectual Property system, — what it’s about, how to utilize it as a business tool, and most importantly why its good to be aware of Intellectual property items like; —

  • Business Names,
  • Trade Secrets,
  • Copyrights,
  • Patents,
  • Utility Models,
  • Trademarks

to mention but a few in the ever-changing Knowledge-led economy.

Therefore, this book review will highlight a few takeaways from the book that I hope can entice my readers to go find this book and read it too.

Why you should read this book

  • Intellectual Property: Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries breaks down various intellectual property concepts and terminologies that you ordinarily would need to research from various online sources.
  • The book introduces its readers to the various Intellectual property rights you can utilize to gain a competitive edge and stimulate enterprise growth in the global economy.
  • This book explains and simplifies otherwise complicated concepts to the average individual and entrepreneur looking to establish themselves in local businesses (SMEs) looking to expand in the domestic & international markets.
  • Reading this book will help readers appreciate the importance of being able to identify various Intellectual Property Assets (Tangible and Intangible Assets), how to protect Intellectual Property, and most importantly how best to utilize it effectively to enhance business growth.
  • The books also provide entrepreneurs with tips, business advice, and relevant reference to bodies suited to answer further inquiries as well as related local examples readers can connect with as they go about reading the book and implementing their ideas.
  • The book guides its readers with relevant examples of how best to improve a business’s market share in the competitive global economy by building a competitive edge over competitors using the Intellectual property system.
  • The book will not only introduce the reader (Entrepreneur) to the purpose of various types of intellectual property e.g., business names, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets but also their applicability and how to legally protect them to yield maximum benefits.
  • This book in my opinion is a simple stepping stone to the wealth of information regarding Intellectual Property and personally reading it has put me in a position to do further research on my own as I look to establish my expertise in the knowledge domain.


The purpose of this Intellectual Property: Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries by James Wasula book review is to help Intellectual Property enthusiasts, business technologists, and entrepreneurs starting out or involved in SMEs among other endeavors understand key concepts relating to intellectual property.

After reading this book, you should know enough about intellectual Property to either go out there and research more on your own, take some classes on Intellectual property, write about intellectual Property, become an advocate, and even explore a career in intellectual Property roles.

I found this book particularly insightful and even added it to Goodreads so that other readers can discover it and make use of its great wealth of information.

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