Anyone can surely design but not everyone can be a designer for the way of aesthetics does truly elude even the best of us. Similarly anyone can draw or appreciate art but being a true artist is but something of an aesthetic wonder.

Art creates questions, Design creates answers.” — Jesse Weavers.

According to Jesse Weaver’s article; what is your design philosophy? Published on Dec 21, 2015, He makes it clear;

Design is a creative process intended to solve a problem, to fill a need for the people that will ultimately interact with it. For “There is Art in Design, but design is not Art.

Art is a creative expression intended to provoke questions and individual interpretation but does not fill a specific need beyond humanities’ desire to express itself.

Now we can debate this all we want but the truth is Art is Art and Design is design. As humans it’s upon us to both appreciate it and use it to express our needs while creating a few solutions here and there.

Just like we all have different design workflows so is our approaches to Design Philosophies, principles, fundamentals, values, purpose and paradigms. Personally, I believe design’s aesthetic fine print follows an unsaid set of touch points like; Research, Processes, concepts carefully and purposefully thought out to sustainably impact.

Design should impact

I believe design in its true aesthetic state ought to be creative, intuitive and above all impactful in ways breathtakingly impactful. We can’t all be great designers or Artists but we can learn from the very best for what’s Creative Design if it can’t continuously rewrite the Aesthetics of human imagination. Yes, there are people who imagine and visualize everything and anything in color, pictures, numbers, Zeros and ones, words and a lot more. Imagine if we had the finesse ability to not just embrace but also tap into Design’s Aesthetics.

According to Dieter Ram, probably one of the most articulate Designers, Good design is broken down into 10 principles;

· Good Design is innovative

· Good Design makes a product useful.

· Good Design is Aesthetic.

· Good Design makes a product understandable.

· Good Design is unobtrusive.

· Good Design is honest.

· Good Design is long lasting.

· Good Design is thorough down to the detail.

· Good Design is environmentally friendly.

· Good Design is as little design as possible.

And there you have it.

We often try to do too much or more often do to little yet great design simple need the right touch of balance to truly tap into the aesthetic Holy Grail.

Imagine for a bit if you will thinking like an architect, creative designer, software developer-Designer, a photographer and artist/painter. Being able to tap into their workflows. What a master pieces, the kind of work you would produce.

I often wondered back at university why it was the architecture students who often had a great eye for detail in photography, sketching, animations creative design. Thing is I was under the impression they should have their inspiration from mathematics, physics and probably technical drawing.

I myself did a few classes back in secondary school in technical drawing, fine art, metal work, wood work (carpentry), and Literature to mention but a few. Turns out I chose to pursue the Arts disciplines over sciences and yet when I began my university I opted to go back to science settling for computing disciplines.

I often have conflicts deciding whether to indulge my artistic hemisphere or logical hemisphere.

Anyways there are quite a number of design process or philosophies I can mention but Barry Berkus’ stood out and also it’s the one(How to think like an architect: from Berkus Design Studio I was watching as I put some final touches on this article.

Like most designers he his flow has a lot of sketching which after a lot of tweaking and deliberation end up on the computer and then models for architects, wireframes or mockups for UI/UX designers, and screen/ print designs for graphics designs. Did I forget videos/ animations for motion graphics designers?

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