When most people hear audiobooks its almost screams; how do I replace my cool playlist with boring books in audio, where, how & for how long will I be able to download audiobooks, can I afford audiobook subscriptions if I even find any?!

Audiobook: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

All I can say is unless you try, you will never know. Audiobooks have this elusive power to transform the very nature of our reading culture and perceptions.

I say the elusive power of audiobooks because even though some or most of us preach how much we love audiobooks, we either have no access to them or simply don’t know how to exhaustively tap into their surreal power.

I’m a Tech Engineer currently working as a developer for a software development company. You can understand now why I adore audiobooks, right?!

Book stack
A stack of Hardcover books.

I love to read too. And by love I mean, I’m an avid reader with near border-line Bibliophilia. Check out my Goodreads Profile. I will consume almost anything between Hardcover, softcopy or Audio format as long as I can get my hands on it.

Developers or Techies for all their nerdiness often don’t like to indulge in “mundane” activities like reading book/novels reserving their time for technical Journals, documentation and maybe Tech Books that offer direct information on how to build their already “superior” knowledge base. Or maybe that's the notion. Nonetheless, a lot of people don’t read.

I’ve been reading since I was small. I was lucky to be born in a family that valued books, mind-stimulating games and outdoor activities over excessive Television. I often joke that for a techie I started playing video games sometime after 14yrs and officially started using computers at 18yrs. I spent the first 3yrs of computer enlightenment learning anything and everything I could at internet-cafes because my course during my advanced level of studies didn’t give me the privilege of computer time at school.

Midas Code book by Byod Morrison
Picture of this book was taken during an upcountry trip.

Yes, I learned about the internet and how computers work off internet-cafe vouchers and by the time I started university I was way more competent with computers than my peers so to say, so pursuing a computer course was a no-brainer thereon.

But not even my newfound affection for computers erased my fascination for books. In fact, over time I have learned to use computers to ease how best I can enjoy my other passions, and that includes books.

As a booklover, in our circles, it's not news that a hardcover beats any other form of reading out there. The texture, smell of new paper or old, dusty paper off a shelf is just bliss.

Audiobook collection.
Some of my audiobook collections.

Well, let's just say for me Audiobooks give me the high and fulfilment I can't get from ordinary books anymore. Nonetheless, I still keep hardcovers. In fact, I guard them so jealously, I have this friend I gave a book and she’s never returned it, I keep reminding her every time we talk.

I started collecting audiobooks because I could no longer read ebooks and hardcovers in the set reading time due to work and other conflicting interests. Eventually, I learned to keep hardcovers, ebooks and audiobooks concurrently so as to have options like;

· Listening to an audiobook while I workout, Do my laundry or cook, while Jogging, walking or gyming. I can also listen to an audiobook while in the office doing my work. The alternative is binaural waves or classic music.

· Reading an ebook when I’m on commute at night and can’t read a hardcover or in cases where I can’t carry a book but can have the book on my mobile device.

· Reading hardcovers when I can get my hands on them, during holiday breaks and simply because the particular book is a classic worth the respect of hardcover at the very least. Book readers will agree with me on this.

This form of consuming books gives one the power of stadia level gaming because you can just switch from one experience to another based on location, convenience or situation.

Personally, I’ve realised that I can complete more books in audiobook format in a shorter reading time than when I was reading them. I also don’t have to give up my hardcovers when I can just share an ebook or audiobook. Easy peasy!!!

Goodreads 2021 Book Reading Challenge

I don’t know who is reading this but please if you are an avid book reader, please invest in Audiobooks.

I especially encourage and advise busy people like my fellow developers/techies to adopt listening to audiobooks so as to be able to read more with fewer restrictions and inconveniences.

Telegram is a good place to start searching for free audiobooks if you are still working towards subscriptions.

You will thank me later.

Tech Engineer • Bibliophile • Content Creator • Sports Enthusiast | Coffees & Pizzas thrill me | 📸: 500px.com/piusmwilson | 💵: eversend.me/piusmwilson

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