My Journey as a software developer


I never really envisioned myself becoming a programmer coming out of the university so it's not a surprise that when I finally decided to try out working a full-time job as a Developer I faced a lot of challenges both personal and on job. I was always more of a systems admin and a lot of other things IT to say the very least.

I decided to apply for a job as an Android developer even when I knew I was ill-equipped for it simply because I really wanted a change in career, I didn’t have a full-time paying job and I really wanted to try out something challenging.

As someone who has a deep passion for technology and a lot of other things IT, programming and math-related were some of the few things in IT I believed I was incapable of, would never do and didn’t want to try out.

I remember being at the university and my lecturer in the Discrete Mathematics course unit telling me I was not going to fail the course unit but rebound it if I didn’t get serious. That was not the only course unit I was flunking. There were other course units like Elements of Mathematics, Microeconomics and Statistics.

I wasn’t failing them because I was ‘stupid’ as we called it back then, but out of sheer disinterest and carelessness. I did though never failed or had to read anything concerning logic, probability or gates as far as computer mathematics as such things seemed to come naturally to me. I did eventually set my priorities straight and focused on excelling.

Fast forward 6 months down the road, my Android Development practice has greatly improved. I have a better grasp on my programming road-map. I have better command of various programming tools, practices, methodologies and principles.

Did I mention communities?! well add that to the fold. Medium, Andela Learning digest, Stackoverflow to mention but a few are a great way to find information as well as online support to common, complex and developing programming problems, bugs and bottlenecks.

While a lot of people have resorted to WhatApps and Telegram for quick chat communications with the help of groups a lot of companies and tech communities make use of Slack, discord, Ringcentral, Trello, Github and a lot of other apps, most of which are multipurpose, contain quick share & collaboration features and also inter-connectable.

It gets even better especially with all the tech hubs, Meetups apps and events apps, as now meeting up for tech events and hackathons is no longer a problem. It should even be more exciting if the government and other corporate bodies keep coming onboard.

When 2019 started, due to unavoidable circumstances I decided to resign from a high paying job and in the process of applying for new employment decided to go head first-blind into software development as a full-time job.

I set tasks, objectives and goals and although I've managed to achieve many of them, I‘ve failed on some and are still trying on a lot more. I can only feel confident that by the end of this year, I can self-evaluate myself and be glad about my achievements.

As a junior developer, having a great team headed by a good boss is very important. the working environment too plays a big role. Personally I can only keep thanking God for each day that passes and keep developing further.

I want to get better as a developer, UI/UX designer and eventually become an even better IT Project Manager. It's not easy self-training for the most part but it does help to have prior all-round IT experience as well as Technical leadership.

Personally I have had to compromise on a lot of things like paycheck and professional level to achieve my goal of becoming a great software developer.

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